"From the Farm, Through the Kitchen, To Your Table"

Open Wednesday - Saturday 5-9; Sunday Supper 12-5

About Us

Renee Cornett, Chef/Owner grew up in Maryland and was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy in 1990 upon graduation from the US Naval Academy with a BS in Mathematics.  She completed flight training in 1993 earning her designation as a Naval Aviator.  She flew the H-46 helicopter in HC-5 based in Guam and deployed to numerous locations in the Pacific.  She served in various squadrons and  staff positions through her 11+ years of service concluding with an honorable discharge in 2001.  After several tours as a military spouse, she graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts with Honors from Metropolitan Community College, Omaha NE in May 2008.  Most recently the family was stationed at the US Embassy in Tirana, Albania. The many travel experiences throughout the world have allowed her to experience flavors and ingredients in their native environment – from fresh mangoes in the groves of  Indonesia to Ono grilled and served pier side in Guam, and young wines out of the cask in Tuscany.  These opportunities reinforced her appreciation for the terroir of ingredients and culminated in a month-long stage at a restaurant in northern Italy.

Jerry Cornett, Farm Manager of Lakehouse Farm/Owner, grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and graduated from University of Nebraska, Omaha in 1990 with a BS in Political Science. He was commissioned an Ensign in the US Navy upon completion of Aviation Officer Candidate School and earned his designation as a Naval Aviator in 1992. He proceeded to fly the H-60 helicopter with three squadrons for over 2800 flight hours and deployed on numerous aircraft carriers all over the world. During his 21-year career he served in squadron, staff, and Embassy positions. He retired from active service in August 2011 with the rank of Commander.


Reservations recommended

Wine and Beer available

Being local and seasonal, our menu is subject to change

Aug 27-30

First Course

Lakehouse Farm Salad of the Day…. 7

Crostini: Chèvre & Roasted Tomatoes … 8

Italian Beans with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette … 7

Sweet Corn Soup … 8


Second Course

Grilled Kofte with Dill Yoghurt

Brown Rice & Scallion Pilaf

Wilted Kale & Feta …23

Italian Sausage with San Marzano Tomato Sauce

Grilled Polenta

Green Beans… 22

Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers

(Brown Rice, Onion, Sweet Peppers, Cheese)

Green Beans… 20

Burst Blonde Tomatoes with

Angel Hair Pasta… 18



Angel Food Cake with Rhubarb Sauce … 8

Butterscotch Pudding … 8


Sunday Supper August 31

Fixed Price Menu served from Noon to 5PM


Children under 10… 18


First Course

Lakehouse Farm Salad of the Day

Artisan Baguette with Chèvre and Roasted Tomatoes


Second Course

Roasted Lemon Basil Chicken Quarters

OR Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers

Green Beans

Sangre Potato Salad



Angel Food Cake

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